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You can have confidence in Pacer's automotive care products because we have been supplying the
Car Care Industry since 1983.

They have been tested and proven to work every day by
Car Care Professionals, Valets, Rental Car Companies and Car Dealerships throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Customer Service Calls
Phone: (09) 25000 91
Fax: (09) 25000 92

New Zealand Locations
33 Ha Crescent,
Wiri, Auckland 2104

84 Main Rd, Tawa, Unit 4

11 Sandyford Street, City

Air Fresheners
Buff Pads & Polish Rags
Car Polish & Waxes
Car Wash
Car Wash Accessories
Cutting Compounds
Dashboard Protectants
Engine Additives
Metal Polish
Paint & Thinners
Panel & Paint Prep
Protective Gear
Tools of The Trade
Tyre Lube
Tyre Shine

3 Way Adhesive
Absorb It Spill Clean Up Granules
Air Freshener Sachet
Anti Freeze & Coolant
Appeal Concentrated Dressing
Artist Brush
Autosol 100g Tube
Barrier Hand Cream
Black Aerosol Paint
Bleach Industrial
Bottle Brush Detailer
Brake Off
Broom Brace
Broom Handle
Brush & Pan Set
Bucket - Extra Wide
Buff Lite 2
Buffing & Drying Towels
Buffing Machine: Variable Speed Polisher
Bug & Insect Sponge
Bumper & Tyre Cream
Car Wash Brush
Car Wash Brush Deluxe
Car Wash Cellulose Sponge
Car Wash Mitt
Car Wash N Shine
Car Wash Sponge
CarFab Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner
Carnauba Plus Creme Wax
Carpet Shampoo Machine "Kerrick Clip"
Carpet Shampoo Machine "Kerrick Lava"
Carpet Shampoo Machine "Kerrick Riviera"
Carpet Shampoo Machine Filter Bag
Carpet Shampoo Machine Upholstery Tool
Centre Feed Paper RoTowels
Centre T Backing Plate
Chamois Deluxe
Chassis Black Paint
Chemical Spray Pack
Cherry SP Hand Cleaner
Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser
Citrus P Hand Cleaner
Citrus Wheel & General Purpose Cleaner
Concrete Cleaner
CW37 Car Wash
Degreaser Special
Direct Mount Foam Pad
Dishwash Detergent
Disinfectant Cleaner
Drum Lever Tap for 20 Litres
Drum Pump for 200 Litres
Drum Tap - Nylon for 20 Litres
Drum Tap - Self Closing for 20 Litres
Drum Tap for 20 Litre Cap
Drycleaning Fluid
Dust Mask
Electrostatic Brush
Emerald Air Freshener
Engine & Parts Brush
Engine Degreaser
Enhancer Car Wax
Euro Cut P3
Ezi Dry Squeegee
Fabric Cleaning Solution
Fast Wax Car Wax
Flannelette Rags
Flash Liquid Paste Wax
Fleet Wash Broom
Flexi Funnel
Floor Cleaner
Floor Polish
Foam 2 Sided Quik Connect Buff Pads
Foam Contour Buff Pads
Foam Recessed Back Buff Pads
General Purpose Thinners
Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Glass Cleaner Polish
Grape Wash
Grip Backing Plate
Grit Hand Cleaner
Half Broom
Hand Applicator Pads
Hand Cleaner
Herbal Air Freshener
Hose Flow Through Connector
Hose Joiner/Repairer
Hose Nozzle Adjustable
Hose Tap Adaptor
Hose Two End Coupler
Hose Water Stop Connector
Imperial Paste Wax 369g
Interfold Paper Towels
Knockout 3 in 1 Car Polish
Latex Gloves
Laundry Powder
Laundry Powder Industrial
Leather & Plastic Cleaner
Leather Conditioner
Liquid Hand Soap
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Lite Finish Car Polish
Mag Wheel Brush
Mag Wheel Cleaner
Mag3 Car Wax
Masking Tape
Mechanical Car Wash - Detergent Special
Mechanical Car Wash - Machine Hot Wax
Mechanical Car Wash - Rinse Aid
Mechanical Car Wash - Vehicle Suds Wash
Metal Polish
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Methylated Spirits
Microcham Chamois
Microfibre Buffing & Drying Towel
Mineral Turpentine
Motor Flush
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Multiclean Plus
Musk Air Freshener
Nail Brush
Natural Fresh Odour Eliminator
New Car Air Freshener
Nitrile Gloves
Nitro Car Wash & Wax
Overspray Clay
Pacesol Super Premium Engine Degreaser
Paint Brush
Paint Release Hand Cleaner
Parts Cleaning Brush
Parts Cleaning Fluid
Penetrating Oil
Pinstripe Eraser Wheel
Platform Broom
Plug Hole Brush Detailer
Plum Crazy Hand Glaze
Polish Dispensing Bottle
Polyshine Polymer Car Wax
Prepare It
Protectall Blue Silicone Dressing
Protectall Silicone Dressing
PVC Heavy Duty Gloves
Quik Connect Spindle
Radiant Non-Silicone Dressing
Radiator Brush
Rapid Cut
Reflect Quick Spray Wax
Rejuvinator One-Step Auto Paint Restoration
Respirator Cartridge
Restorall Dash & Interior Trim Cleaner
Restorall Interior Protectant
Rocket Carnauba Car Wax
Rubbing Compound
Safety Scraper
Safety Scraper Refills
Scrubbing Brush Flat
Scrubbing Brush Multi
Scuff Stuff Paint Prep
Showroom Shine Spray Wax
Silver Wheel Paint
Snap Blade Refills
Snap Blade Utility Cutting Knive
Soft Washed Stockinette
Solvent 426 Shellite
Spot Cleaner
Spray Bottle Deluxe
Spray Bottle Industrial
Spray Gun with Pump Action
Stockinette Roll
Streak Free Auto Window Cleaner
Supa Sheen Car Polish
Supa-Rip Universal Cleaner & Degreaser
Supercut Car Polish
Supersolve Paint Prep
T-Shirt Rags
Tar Remover
Telescopic 2 Stage Wash Handle
Thread Cap Wood Handle
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toilet Cubes
Toilet Paper
Toilet System Treatment
Tooth Brush Detailer
Tropicana Air Freshener
Tru Grit
Truck Curtain Side Scrubber
Truck Wash
Tyre Beading
Tyre Dressing
Tyre Dressing Non-Silicone
Tyre Lube
Tyre Paint Satin
Ultimate Premium Dressing
Ultra Cut
Ultra Low Abrasive Scuff Pads
Ultra Violet Car Wash
Upholstery Cleaner
Upholstery Spotting Brush
Vaccum Cleaner Wet/Dry "Kerrick Roky"
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Chrome Wand Bend
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Crevice Tool
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Curtain Tool
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Dusting Brush
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Floor Tool
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Hose Cuff
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Hose with Cuffs
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Paper Filter Bags 10 Pack
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Polyester Filter Bag
Vacuum Cleaner Kerrick Trolley Wheel
Van Wash Brush Natural
Van Wash Brush Nylon
Vehicle Wash Detergent
Velour & Fabric Cleaner
Verry Berry Wash & Wax
Vinyl Gloves
Vinyl/Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner
Vinylguard Silicone Dressing
VisionX Windscreen Washer Additive
Vulcanize Tyre Shine
Water Spot Remover
Waterblaster 1500PSI "Kerrick CM1611"
Waterblaster 1800PSI "Kerrick Elite"
Wheel & Tyre Gong Brush
White Spirits
Window Cleaner
Window Scraper
Window Scraper Refills
Windscreen Scrubber/Squeegee
Winegum Air Freshener
Wool Double Sided Pads
Wool Grip Buff Pad with CenterT
Wool Grip Pads
Wool Quik Connect 2 Sided Buff Pads
Wringer Mop Bucket in Plastic
Wringer Mop Bucket in Steel
Wringer Mop Refill
Wringer Mop Refill with Socket
Xtrax Liquid Fabric Cleaner & Deodorizer
Yard Broom

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