About Us

We are a specialist manufacturer and distributor of products to cleaning industries.

Pacer is well known and trusted for the cleaning, preparation and finishing of any vehicle including trucks, buses, campervans, motorbikes and boats. As the number one chemical supplier to the Trade we know what it takes to solve any dilemma you might have whether it is removing chewing gum from upholstery, installation of chemical reduction mixers to the restoring of a vehicle’s paint finish.

Our History 

We at Pacer Car Clean Products and Green Rhino are proud of our history of developing, producing, and marketing quality products.

Pacer was founded in 1983 by Mr Rob Klouwens as a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning products. When in 2005 Mr Klouwens retired Pacer was purchased by RA Johnstone & Co Ltd with a mission to carry on Pacer’s proud tradition of being New Zealand’s leading supplier of cleaning products to the industry.


Our Brands


Green Rhino

Green Rhino has a whole range of cleaning chemicals with different applications for businesses in New Zealand. It is made from the best ingredients and manufactured using the highest standards. It was designed to improve cleaning efficiency and to reduce environmental impact. It is 100% New Zealand - made for Kiwis by Kiwis. 

Green Rhino knows that if you have a clean business space, it will leave a good impression to your customers. And with positive customer experience, your business succeeds. Green Rhino wants to help you achieve that.



RA Johnstone

RA Johnstone & Co Ltd is one of New Zealand's largest suppliers to the panelbeating and spray painting industry of consumable products, tools and equipment. RA Johnstone & Co Ltd sells both directly to the trade and through other distributors resulting in a nationwide coverage of New Zealand.