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Choosing Pacer As Your Automotive Cleaning Specialist

Mobile Stores

Our Mobile Store driven by our knowledgeable sales team can regularly visit you and give you the products that you need, saving you on time and labour costs. 


Excellent Manufacturing Standards. We know our products work. And we can proudly say it is 100% New Zealand made.

One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop for all of your professional automotive and household cleaning and detailing requirements.

About Pacer

Just a bit more about us!

We have been known and trusted in New Zealand to supply the chemicals and supplies for the cleaning, preparation and finishing of any vehicle from cars, trucks and buses to campervans, motorbikes and boats for over 35 years! 

Our mobile sales team are here to help solve your toughest and trickiest job when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your vehicle and your office. We know what it takes to solve any dilemma you might have whether it is removing chewing gum from upholstery or restoring of a vehicle's paint finish.

Our highly knowledgeable sales team, blog, how-to guides, training manuals and wall charts are all here to help you achieve the utmost care for your vehicle and your business.

We only take orders from within New Zealand. We do not ship outside New Zealand.