Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or previously called Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) inform you on how to handle, store and transport hazardous chemicals. It also tells you the different hazards when handling these chemicals and what to do in case of an emergency. It is important that you have a copy of the Safety Data Sheet for every chemical that you are currently using. It should also be readily accessible in case of emergency.

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How to quickly find a cleaning product on the Safety Data Sheet Page of Pacer


Instant Adhesive  Download
Q Bond  Download
Super Stick Adhesive Aerosol  Download



Fragrance Apple  Download
Fragrance Berrylicious  Download
Fragrance Emerald  Download
Fragrance Musk  Download
Fragrance Tropicana  Download
Malco New Car Scent  Download
Malco Odor Eliminating Fogger Lemon  Download
Malco Odor Eliminating Fogger Vanilla  Download
Malco Xtrax Odor Eliminating Fogger  Download
Malco Xtrax Scent Odor Eliminator  Download
Natural Odour Eliminator  Download



Autosol Metal Polish  Download
Blue Magic Metal Polish  Download
Citrus Cleaner Degreaser  Download
Engine Degreaser  Download
Lizard Breath  Download
Mag Wheel Cleaner  Download
Malco Brake Off  Download
Malco Fast Shot  Download
Malco Whitewall Tyre Cleaner  Download 
Multiclean Plus  Download
Multipurpose Cleaner  Download
Pacesol Engine Degreaser  Download
Powerclean  Download
Supa Rip Universal Degreaser  Download



Concept Vitesse Spray Wax  Download
Malco Buff Lite II  Download
Malco Cherry Flash Aerosol Wax  Download
Malco Cherry Flash Liquid Paste Wax  Download
Malco Enhancer Cream Wax  Download
Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax  Download
Malco Imperial Paste Wax  Download
Malco Nano Care Banana Creme Wax  Download
Malco Nano Care Cleaner Wax  Download
Malco Nano Care Polish Creme  Download
Malco Paint Sealant  Download
Malco Plum Crazy  Download
Malco Rejuvenator  Download
Malco Showroom Shine Spray  Download
Malco Super Duty Heavy Cut Compound  Download
Malco Swirl Remover  Download
Malco Tru-Grit Compound  Download
Pace Heavy Cut Compound  Download
Pace Medium Cut Compound  Download
Pace Ultimate Polish  Download
Presta Euro Cut Compound  Download
Presta Gel Coat Compound  Download
Presta PMC Complete Compound  Download
Presta Super Cut Compound  Download
Presta Ultra 2 Step Compound  Download
Presta Ultra 2 Step Maxcut  Download
Presta Ultra 2 Step Polish  Download
Presta Ultra Cutting Creme  Download
Reflect Quick Spray Wax  Download
Super Cut Car Polish  Download
Ultra Cut Scratch & Scuff Remover  Download
X-Press Car Polish  Download



Beewild Car Grooming Wax  Download
Bumper & Tyre Cream  Download 
Car System Cockpit Spray  Download
Car System Plastic Restorer  Download
Concept Outline Tyre & Rubber Dressing  Download
Dazzle Non Silicone  Download 
Malco Appeal Dressing  Download 
Malco Aquabead Suspension Dressing  Download
Malco Clean & Shine  Download
Malco Perfect 10 Aerosol Dressing  Download
Malco RTU Tyre Dressing   Download 
MP Plastic Colourant Black (MIPA)  Download
Presta Radiant Non-Silicone Dressing  Download
Protectall Silicone Dressing  Download
Protectall Blue Silicone Dressing  Download
Restorall Interior Dressing  Download
Siliqua Dressing  Download
Tyre Beading  Download
Tyre Dressing Non-Silicone  Download
Tyre Dressing Silicone Spray Gloss  Download
Tyre Gel  Download
Tyre Paint Satin Semi-gloss Black  Download
Vinyl & Rubber Conditioner  Download
Vulcanize Tyre Shine  Download
Wipe New Restorer Kit  Download



Auto Window Cleaner Streak Free  Download
Glass Cleaner Polish  Download
Malco Glass Cleaner Aerosol  Download
Malco Glass Cleaner Concentrate  Download
Malco Water Spot Remover  Download
Vision X Windscreen Washer Additive  Download



Barrier Hand Cream  Download
Dreumex Classic Hand Cleaner  Download
Grit Hand Cleaner  Download
Liquid Hand Soap  Download
Malco Cherry-SP Hand Cleaner  Download
Pacer Neptune Hand Cleaner - Pump  Download
Pacer Neptune Hand Cleaner - Bag  Download
Strong Hand Cleaner  Download



Concept Panache Clean & Shine  Download
Dry Cleaning Fluid  Download
Fabric Cleaning Solution  Download
Malco Instant Out Spot & Stain Remover (Aerosol)  Download
Malco Leather & Plastic Cleaner  Download
Malco Leather Conditioner  Download
Malco Xtrax Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Aerosol)  Download
Malco Xtrax Fabric Cleaner & Deodorizer  Download
Malco Fabric Protector  Download
Spot Cleaner  Download
Velour & Fabric Cleaner  Download



Car System Bumper Paint Spray Aerosol  Download
Car System Etch Prime Aerosol  Download
Car System Silver Wheel Paint  Download
Concept Matt Black Aerosol  Download
Chassis Black Paint  Download
Quick Dry Rubberized Undercoat  Download
Black Paint Aerosol  Download
Silver Wheel Paint  Download
Texture Coat Bumper Paint  Download




Brunox Epoxy Rust Killer  Download
Brunox Epoxy Rust Killer Aerosol  Download
Brunox Turbo Spray  Download 
Brunox Turbo Spray Aerosol  Download 
Brunox Turbo Spray Power Click  Download
Enamel Reducer  Download
General Purpose Thinners  Download 
Gun Wash  Download 
Mineral Turpentine  Download 
Moulding Solution  Download
Pacer 4:1 Premium Primer Filler  Download
Pacer MS Clearcoat  Download
Pacer Primer Filler Hardener  Download
Paint Stripper  Download
Penetrating Oil  Download 
Prepare It Preparation Solvent  Download 
Rust Kill  Download 
Scuff Stuff Surface Prep  Download 
Spray Booth Coating  Download 
Surface Flat Matt Scuffing Paste  Download
Surface M 'n' M Matting Scuff Paste  Download
Surface Ovation Polish & Wax  Download
Surface Spray & Finish  Download


Acetone  Download
Brake Clean  Download
Degreaser Special  Download
Isopropyl Alcohol  Download
Kerosene  Download
Methyl Ethyl Keytone  Download
Methylated Spirits  Download
Natural Solv  Download
Parts Cleaning Fluid  Download
Toluene  Download
Weicon Brake Cleaner Aerosol  Download
White Spirits  Download
Xylene  Download



Dri Wash Waterless Car Wash  Download
FC09 Heavy Duty Powerwash  Download
Grapewash Car Wash & Shine  Download
Malco CW-37 Premium Car & Truck Wash  Download
Malco Ultra-Violet Wash n Wax  Download
Malco Verry Berry Wash ‘n Wax  Download
Nitro Car Wash & Wax  Download
Tar and Wax Remover  Download
Truck Wash - Heavy Duty  Download
Xpert-60  Snow-Foam Max  Download