Holiday 2023-2024 Store Hours

 Date Auckland Islington, Christchurch Lismore St, Christchurch Nelson Dunedin Invercargill
22 Dec - Fri  open  open  open  open  open  open
23 Dec - Sat  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
24 Dec - Sun  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
25 Dec - Mon  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
26 Dec - Tue  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
27 Dec - Wed  open*  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
28 Dec - Thur  open*  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
29 Dec - Fri  open*  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
30 Dec - Sat  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
31 Dec - Sun  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
1 Jan - Mon  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
2 Jan - Tue  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
3 Jan - Wed  open**  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
4 Jan - Thur  open*  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
5 Jan - Fri  open*  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
6 Jan - Sat  open* (9am to 12pm)  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
7 Jan - Sun  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed  closed
8 Jan - Mon  open   open**   open**   open**   open**   open**

* skeleton crew

** back to regular hours